30 March 2009

Wreaking havoc all over town...

Deee and I made her poor coworker and travelling companion take pictures of us EVERYWHERE. Including this skate park on the South Bank. It was AWESOME. For us. Probably not for him. He was forced to endure shrieks commanding him to 'Count to THREE before you snap!' and 'Don't forget we want our feet!' It turns out all of our instruction was unnecessary--he totally rocked every shot. Except for the three dozen with our eyes closed.

29 March 2009

Deee's in town! Deee's in town! Deee's in town! MILLIONS OF PICTURES COMING SOON!!

22 March 2009

Random thoughts float through my head constantly--CONSTANTLY!--but now that I seem to be blogging once every two weeks, none of them seem worth spending the time to write. So I am posting this just to break the seal.

I've missed you, my little blog. Please don't ever let me go so far away again.

05 March 2009

Oh dark night of the soul...

It has just occurred to me that they don't have Girl Scouts on this island. And even more important than that, they don't have GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Who's going to set up tables in the fronts of grocery stores to sell me thin mints?? Who is going to bring me their daughter's order sheet at work so that I can buy three boxes of tagalongs, fifteen boxes of thin mints, and forty-six samoas?? Who is going to single-handedly destroy all of my healthy resolve in the course of one month every spring?? WHO, PEOPLE?? WHO??