21 April 2009

He will be mine. Oh, yes. He will be mine.

Guess what I did yesterday?? I went to Wembley Stadium! And do you know WHY I went to Wembley Stadium? TO MEET DAVID BECKHAM! Also, to work at the launch of a spectacular non-profit. And it was FABULOUS. I got to do the following:

1. Step on the pitch of Wembley Stadium. And lick it.
2. Watch Beckham play tennis against Andy Murray, and Andy Murray play football against Beckham. And lick...oh, wait.
3. See the efforts of two sporting celebrities as they joined a hugely worthwhile cause: the prevention of malaria.

This photo was taken through a blue mosquito net: both yesterday's football goal and the tennis net were made of it! HOLY AWESOME, BATMAN.


sunny said...

wait. YOU took the photo?? it wasn't something you found online?


sunny said...

p.s. if I'd read the post, I'd have known that you didn't take the photo.

p.p.s. nice tag. too short though. can you be more descriptive next time?

kimmvr said...

i feel you...he is a beautiful man, and i don't throw that term around lightly....

Anonymous said...

hey - where did your mexican restaurant post go?

how about some corfu post?