22 May 2009

I was blind and now I see

Whoa. Okay, so you know how everybody tells you that red bell peppers are like, great sources of antioxidants? (Whatever that means.) And vitamin a and what have you? Well, get THIS: red peppers also have THREE TIMES the vitamin C content of an orange. THREE TIMES! Apparently just half of one of these guys is your daily dose! What I want to know is, why aren't they blending THESE into smoothies?? Seriously, next time I'm sick, forget the o.j. I'm making fajitas, and that is THAT.

While we're on the subject, I had a delicious baked red pepper today with melted halloumi and pesto on top, served on a bed of olive-oil drenched basil leaves. HOLY DELICIOUS, BATMAN. I feel healthier already.


deee said...

I'm loving that you're posting more often!

Btw, if you're sick and you want a smoothie, I would go for mango... also a good source of vitamin c (and possibly tastier than red pepper smoothie..?)

Anonymous said...

heck - just have some chutney.

LatinaDiana said...

oh! tonight we had zesty garlic wraps with bacon and red bell peppers (raw) with romaine and Caesar dressing

totally will make your week, luvah

have you enjoyed the Nyquil?