04 February 2009

Who knew?

I used to think cobblestone was the worst thing to walk on. I was wrong. It's cobblestone covered in ice.


Lizzie said...

Solution: The UGG-boot shuffle.

1. Wear UGG boots (or similar, with wide, flat snow-shoe-esque bottoms)

2. Do not pick up feet while walking. Simply shuffle, shifting weight from one foot to another, while keeping feet flat on icy surface.

3. Do not put hands in coat pockets, just in case.

Mezzo SF said...

Icy Cobblestones = TOTALLY not safety first.

BUT here's an idea, which (IMHO) might make the ugg-boot shuffle as described above even better: STRAP SOME WHEATABIX bricks to the soles of your shoes! Instant Extra Traction! (And a snack for later!)