02 February 2009

Snow Day, or Why Mother Effing Russia is WAY Too Close (Geographically Speaking)

So it turns out that there's some freaky-deaky cold front whipping through England from RUSSIA. Yes. MOTHER EFFING RUSSIA. That crazy thought aside, the bitter cold of yesterday--with a wind so sharp it burned the nose and ears--has morphed into snow. All night snow, all day snow, and according to reports, snow tomorrow til forever. It's apparently 'the worst downfall seen in southeast England in 18 years.'

And of course London has completely shut down. All bus lines have been suspended due to the 'dangerous conditions' (I can hear my Wisconsin friend laughing at this) and the tube has ground to a shuddering halt, leaving only a few trains limping around town in a self-pitying fashion, carrying the grisliest of public servants. Because this is a day in which NOBODY is leaving their home and in which EVERYBODY has turned into a pajama-clad telecommuter, doing little more than watching weather reports, experiencing strange bouts of giddiness, and sneaking in the occasional film from the safety of the blankets on the couch in between 'calls' to coworkers in the pretense of discussing the Business of the Day.

I am trying out my new slow cooker today; in six short hours, I will have chicken and dumplings and a glass of grenache-mouvedre to warm the soul. And it is good.


alison mc said...

i'm envious of your snow day - i haven't seen the snow in years - every time i go home to scotland it's either spring or autumn - i'm coming back in july this year so may change from autumn to winter!

mdtb said...

There you have it. Mother Russia - and when the cold front enters the airspace over Europe, where does it go first? Correct, England, not Alaska.

Young & Sara said...

snow aside...Chicken and duplins??? Yes please :)

sunnygirlsf said...

ahhh..so you COULD hear me laughing from Wisconsin?!

Actually..I didn't even know it snowed there until this morning. Just read about people improvising sleds with wax cloth, signs, etc.

Did you go sledding?

How did the slow-cooked meal turn out?

And by the way? You'd be at home here. It's bone-cold here right now. BRRRRRR