28 January 2009

I have several items to discuss today!

One: it rained, like, three days in a row last week, and I was SUPER BUMMED, and thought, 'London is ALWAYS raining,' which led me to realize how one can easily reach that conclusion based on one week alone. But THEN I got Orla Kiely wellingtons at Sunday's sample sale and was so psyched for it to rain again and THEN the SUN came out for TWO DAYS and oh how sad I was and then today it rained again and I've never been so pleased. Thank you, wellies, for making rain lovely and exciting and good.

Two: I can't remember number two. It will no doubt come to me next time I'm walking one of the babies, which is when all of my good ideas come.

Three: I emailed Weetabix my blog tutorial on their product and got the world's funniest email in response. I seriously can't even handle this:

'Dear Sharona
Many thanks for making contact.
Welcome to the wonderful World of Weetabix!
We are delighted to hear you enjoy Weetabix so much and are spreading the word too!
There is no right or wrong way to enjoy Britain's favourite breakfast cereal. Cold milk, hot milk. A little sugar or none (Weetabix already contains around 4.5%, 1.7g in a 2 biscuit serving). Some even take it dry with butter and jam! It all goes to show what a versatile product Weetabix really is.
We hope the attached might inspire you and your friends to try Weetabix a few different ways.
Thanks again for getting in touch.

Kind regards,



Anonymous said...

So funny! They responded to your email!

YAY for orla kiely wellies! No wonder you were dismayed by two days in a row of sunshine.

LatinaDiana said...

oh i wish i could hug your brain

i'm going to order weetabix online after nutritional research.

LatinaDiana said...



Mezzo SF said...


DUDE. Trader Joe's carries Weetabix!!!