08 January 2009

Northern England Reveals Its Charms

Jane Austen lived here.*

In her letters, she referred to her estate as 'Hot Toddy Hall.' She did this in an attempt to protect her privacy as well as to offer her correspondents a revealing glimpse into her personal life.**

This was Jane's local church. She rarely set foot inside, as she was usually nursing her hangover from Saturday night's festivities in Hot Toddy Hall.***

This was Jane's local butcher and deli. She loved their duck liver pate and could often be heard on the children's swings after dark, whooping into the wee hours.****

And so concludes my tour of Northern England. Please let me know if you are interested in any more of my tours; there are many neighborhoods in London I would love to walk you through.

*I'm making this up. I really have no idea where Jane Austen lived.

**This is also not true.
***This is probably true.
****'Whooping' is not a metaphor.


Gina said...

I hope you plan on skulking around Manchester one of these weekends. Although I have no advice; I haven't been there in over 20 years. Yikes!

alison said...

hey - that's scotland!

Rona said...

Ha! Looks like it, doesn't it? These were all taken near Scotch Corner in North Yorkshire!

Mezzo SF said...

hahahhaha...more, please!

alison said...

well you cannot blame me for thinking so + they are included in your
christmas from scotland photos you sent last week!!

Okie said...

ahhh... serene photos.