19 January 2009

It rained today!

Today was Day One of the infamous London Rain. I label it Day One in anticipation of a Day Two. I anticipate a Day Two given the dark and torrential nature of today; it was a downfall so intense that it does not seem to be self-contained or fleeting, but instead rather ambitious and focused. If it does NOT rain tomorrow, then I shall have to rename Day One 'The Day It Rained in London,' which just isn't the same.


LatinaDiana said...

are you in India or something? is there a wet season? are you surprised that it rained? i'm so confused. i will need some type of wikipedia entry for reference or something.. i thought London was like Seattle where you're surprised if you AREN'T having water-related precipitation flung in your direction by the H20-lighting God-Monkey that lives in the clouds.

"heaven for the climate; hell for the company" - twain

Rona said...

HA! That's EXACTLY the point! London is supposed to be wet wet wet all the time, and instead, it's rained maybe half a dozen times since September! So now I am feeling duped...(and lucky). God, I love global warming.

And HOW AWESOME IS THAT QUOTE BY TWAIN?? * thinking about posting it *