23 September 2009

I missed you.

I'm BACK!! I actually landed in London-town on Sunday afternoon, but the lovely Heather was still here, so of COURSE I was slightly distracted--and infinitely busy pretending not to shop--to get fully online. But she left this morning back to San Francisco, so here I am! And so thrilled. It feels like it's been AGES since I've slouched at this computer drinking eighteen cups of coffee and posting too many photos on my blog and basically being a complete slacker all day long.

Speaking of posting photos to my blog! I had intended to upload some Cornwall pics today, but then I saw that I took over a thousand. Seriously. What was I thinking? Did I REALLY need to shoot the same beach seventy times, each with a slightly different expanse of sand and cliff? Why, when I'm shooting, can I not remember how impossible it is to sit at the computer later and pick out one photo from three dozen nearly-identical versions? These will take some time to go through. In fact, you'll probably see them...never. Kinda like how you saw my Spain photos two years after the fact, and then only about five of them.

Nonetheless...I'm so glad to be back!


Anonymous said...

welcome back, twin.

sassymum said...

Yeah, you're back. I've missed you! Get those pics posted. Can't wait to see them!

deee said...

a post! a post!