09 September 2009

This has nothing to do with the missing Glasvegas singer.

Today has been a wonderfully productive day and it's only one in the afternoon! This only bodes well for the rest of it, I have to say. So far I have completed a scavenger hunt for a friend's wedding (and I made those mother effing clues RHYME, biyotches, because that's how much I owned it), did some route-markering for the road trip, emailed a handful of relevant people about my move back to SF (anybody got a room to rent? Anybody?), and polished off a load of dirty dishes that were threatening to overrun the kitchen. I know, I know. I'm awesome.

Now I'm heading out to run some errands! I'm checking the prices on some Camden chairs (not for me! I swear! I'm done shopping!), looking for a London design magazine (again, not for me! I swear!), getting my favorite mega-burrito, and returning a book to the library! Man, I amaze myself. I am a TOTAL maniac on the floor today.

And then tomorrow, HEATHER ARRIVES! She's going to be in and out of London and Barcelona for the next two weeks, and will be staying here in the midst of her travels! I cannot WAIT. We are going to party like it's 1999. Except for next week, when I'll be in Cornwall. But after THAT, watch out, London! Here we COME!


Alissa - the Big Sis said...

I thought you were gonna say the burrito wasn't for you either and then I thought nope, that's not how MY little sis rolls!

Rona said...

haha! * rubbing my engorged tummy *

Anonymous said...

'Grief, you make me exhausted and I just got up!

Anonymous said...

btw, I have a room to rent. Only a buck a month. You can't beat that! HAHA