20 August 2009

musings and ramblings

I think I'm going through hot flashes. Either that, or I really need to put down this third cup of coffee. Generally speaking, I drink coffee until I get nauseated, then I eat something to build up my stamina, and then I hit it again. I'll show YOU who's boss, little man!

Speaking of, I need to stop going through ex's facebook profiles. Why do I DO that? To my credit, I'm not the one doing the befriending, just the accepting. But STILL...have we REALLY moved on that much?

Today I was looking at art on Etsy (my mom's a killer-awesome painter, so I was thinking she should OBVIOUSLY be selling there), but when you click on the abstract art category, there are over 26,000 pieces. I wish I could put that number in all-caps. TWENTY. SIX. THOUSAND. It's CRAZY. It also explains why I stick with categories like 'vinyl wall art' and 'wooden hedgehogs.'

The clouds have finally rolled in, heavy rains predicted. I'm slightly relieved, because this means it's OKAY to stay in and use the computer all day. When it's sunny (notably in a place rarely sunny), you just feel so GUILTY, so PRESSURED to get out there and enjoy it. But today, as wind buffets the trees, the horizon darkens, and the newly-descaled kettle boils, I get the pleasure of knowing the kitchen table is the best place to be.

Back to work!


Alissa - the Big Sis said...

It's been raining here for the past four days. I'm in heaven!

sunny said...

Rain here as well! But let's trade places, shall we? You can create documents, track down errant files, speak with clients, and sing happy birthday to an 86 year old employee (part time, of course) while I work on your portfolio and browse online looking for prickly hedgehogs or whatever it is you're looking for.

Anonymous said...


Gina said...

It is raining here as well, although I understand what you mean about the pressure to get out and enjoy a sunny day. Although a book and a de-scaled kettle are quite the lures!

deee said...

where did my california girl friend go?

Rona said...

ha! I'd take the sun to sitting at a computer any day! Unfortunately, I don't currently have a choice, which is why I'm glad the sun isn't out there taunting me!