22 August 2009

my morning at the market

Okay, so before I get down to the business of frying, let me first share with you photos of this morning's trip to Borough Market. Borough Market, despite being south of the Thames, is actually not that far from Islington. It's just a short bus journey, through a relatively scenic part of town. However, Saturdays are Breakfast Burrito Days, which usually means a food coma that pretty much steals my mornings and hands them eagerly over to my book and a lounge chair.

But this morning I made it out! * applause here * I only took a couple of photos, though, for several reasons:

1. I have tried photographing Borough Market before, and the results are always disappointing. I don't know if it's because it's always so crowded that you're guaranteed to get an unattractive person walking in front of your camera, or because I've already covered the Sloane Square Market, and all other market photos will merely look like reproductions, but regardless, I rarely get a satisfactory photo here.

2. My hands were full of mmmmmmmmmm jamon.

3. After eating your weight in breakfast, you just get a bit lazy.

But the aforementioned aside, I did take a couple of photos as a visual aid:

I know you can't tell by this, and now I'm wishing I had taken a close up, but the plates you see on the right all have FISH painted on them. It's absolutely riotous. It's seriously like some bass fisherman from Oklahoma painted a load of trout, made his wife embroider some tea towels, and BAM! Ended up at one of London's biggest markets selling platters, mugs, and chopping blocks. It is bizarre. And wonderful. I want to call it high art, but even I have to draw the line somewhere. And I think ironic fish is that line.

This dog was on his way to a meat stall. Some call him a 'pet.' I call him 'lunch.'

I do. Oh, I do.

Okay, so I will admit that I DO struggle with a certain level of base paranoia, but SERIOUSLY. I think my chorizo sandwich is sticking his tongue out at me. MOCKERY. Mockery by chorizo. A whole new low.

I personally say 'Yes, London Bridge.'

Please take a moment to look at this billboard with me. I see this (for some reason) on a regular basis. And every time, I am startled by it. One, I don't know WHAT it's advertising. And two, are they TRYING to cause an accident?


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Anonymous said...

The fish plates may be nuts but you gotta love the fish bags!