25 August 2009

I've got a nest on my hand and I can't stop admiring it.

Okay, I'm currently having weird flashbacks to when I posted a photo of my toes on here. And I'm also thinking that my fingers and toes look a little bit too much alike for comfort. But pushing that alarming idea aside for a moment, I wanted to show you my new ring! The wonderful, fabulous LeaLea got it for me as a belated birthday gift and it came in the mail today! She knew I loved a similar one she has, and asked the ring maker to make one for me! You heard me right: this is a handmade, one-of-a-kind treasure. * you are allowed to envy me here * This is perfect on so many levels, what with having a thing for big rings and a thing for birds. I'm slightly worried that wearing a symbolic egg on my hand might excite the fertility gods, but since I've already told my mother I'm pregnant, I'm not too worried.


Anonymous said...

Color me green! Love that ring! Your baby will too!HAHA

Gina said...

The ring is gorgeous. Heehee! I knew about it, and I couldn't wait to see it.

lea lea said...

glad you like the ring...it looks beautiful on you!