21 August 2009

Struggling with a portfolio playlist

I'm currently struggling with my biggest hurdle of the day so far: creating an itunes playlist that will get me in the mood to work. This is HUGE.

In college, my roommate Leslie had a playlist for EVERYTHING: a 'brushing our teeth' playlist, a 'cleaning our room' playlist, a 'putting on mascara' playlist. It varied wildly every time, a total grab-bag of soundtracking. There was rarely an event that did NOT involve a musical backdrop, and my day often looked like this:

(Me, making my bed.) Leslie: OOH! WAIT! WE NEED MAKING OUR BED MUSIC! (And yes, she'd make me physically wait while she bounded across the room to pick out an album appropriate to bed-making.)
(Me, standing in front of the closet.) Leslie: OOOH! WAIT! WE NEED GETTING DRESSED MUSIC!
(Me, getting my book.) Leslie: OOOH! WAIT! WE NEED GOING TO THE BATHROOM MUSIC!

It was brilliant.

Without this, my musical tastes would probably not be as varied as they are today, because while Leslie could (and did) enjoy twenty different albums a day, my musical m.o. in those days could best be described as 'single-song-fixation.' I'd have one current favorite, and play that song on repeat, over and over and over again, until the day came that I hated it and never wanted to hear it again. (There's probably a metaphor for my life somewhere in here, if I had the inclination to find it.) This led to another common scene in our room:

(Me, enjoying 'Tainted Love'.)
Leslie: Sharona?
Me: hmmmm?
Leslie: Is this the third time I've heard this song in the past fifteen minutes?
Me: Maybe.
Leslie: Uh huh. That's what I thought. WE NEED SOME GETTING RID OF TAINTED LOVE MUSIC!

And now here I am, about to get started on the day's portfolio'ing, and all I can think is, 'I NEED SOME DOING MY PORTFOLIO MUSIC!' How am I supposed to do ANYTHING without the appropriate soundscape??

So my itunes is up, and now I've got total music-A.D.D. Initially I thought, 'Of COURSE Damian Marley is portfolio music!' But then after I was welcomed to Jamrock, my head started to spin, and my pulse started to race (although that could've been the coffee), and I had to change it. I rapidly flipped over to David Gray. Then I got depressed and didn't want to do anything but take a walk in the rain. Moving on to Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, my desire to work on my portfolio changed into the desire to climb into a pickup and hit the road, maybe teach myself the guitar and get a bloodhound.

I think I'll try Jack next (Johnson, not White), and see if that works...although maybe listening to a little 'Steady as she goes' for the next straight hour wouldn't hurt...


LatinaDiana said...

hmmmm.... yes.... i struggle with these same music-influence mood swings... my latest is Cut Chemist

this song makes me wanna strip down to the boy shorts, tank top and aviators and just look awesome shaking my butt.... while picking an actual ensemble for heading out on the town

can't you just imagine all the possibilities to the tune of this song?

Alissa - the Big Sis said...

I'm glad you clarified on which Jack you were after because I was hoping it wasn't Mr.Daniels!!