21 August 2009

Not that I'm narcissistic, but...I look GOOD.

Okay, so you know how sometimes when you're bored, you start to imagine what life would be like if your face was on, say, a billboard, or in an art gallery, or on the cover of a fashion magazine*? Well, WONDER NO LONGER, because the WORLD'S GREATEST WEBSITE does it for you! All you do is pick a format (out of the KAZILLION irresistible options), upload your photo (or, say, the photo of someone you want to mess with), and VOILA! Within seconds, you get this!

If I were an artist debuting my first show, it would probably look alarmingly like the above.

Let's just say that after our amazing day together, I am NOT surprised Dave did this. I've been telling him that there's just no future for us now that I'm with Richard Curtis, but he refuses to listen.

And so a dream can be laid to rest...

Until tomorrow, when I put myself on a wall mural and a bus stop and the dollar bill and a postage stamp.

*I might be alone here.


Gina said...

Good grief that tattoo on Beks is a stunner!

Anonymous said...

Lookin' GOOD, girlfriend!