19 August 2009

I do NOT procrastinate.

So far this morning (it is currently 9:17) I have done the following:

-folded all the laundry that was hanging on drying racks throughout the flat and put it away,
-descaled the kettle (by the way, Oust is a MIRACLE worker!),
-pulled out all the drawers in the refrigerator, emptied them, sprayed them down, wiped them out, and then realized that just wasn't going to be enough, so then banished them to the dishwasher,
-pulled out the racks in the oven, sprayed them, wiped them down, and put them in the dishwasher with the refrigerator drawers just to teach them a lesson,
-ran the dishwasher on its 'mega-nuke' setting (which means the cycle should be done sometime next week, and everything inside should have been burned to a sanitary crisp), and
-made that quiche that I had planned to make last night.

So now I'm sitting down with my second cup of coffee and my book, debating about what I should have for breakfast (part of that quiche? greek yogurt and honey? scrambled eggs and toast? all of the above?), and thinking about sitting out in the early morning sun for a little while. LATER I'll start on my portfolio...


Darcy said...

oops! i learned something about myself today :)

Alissa - the BIg Sis said...

Um, it's 8:45 and I've dressed and fed myself and two little ones, got the eldest on the school bus, let the cat explore the yard, and sat down with my first cup of coffee to read my little sis's blog. If this was a competition, you win hands down! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, the wonderful art of procrastination! I've taught you well my little one!